Konstantin Klimov, Piano. B.Mus, UBC.

Konstantin Klimov, Piano. B.Mus, UBC.

Konstantin Klimov is a composer and teacher with a decade of teaching experience. He began his piano studies at the age of six; his education includes a diploma in piano teaching and performance from the Moscow Regional College of Arts in Russia and a BMus from the University of British Columbia.

Konstantin’s compositions have been performed in Canada and internationally – performed by the Roadrunner Trio in Amsterdam and featured in Vancouver’s 2017 Sonic Boom festival and VSO’s Jean Coulthard Readings, among others.

Over the years, Konstantin has enjoyed teaching piano and music theory to students of various levels, their ages ranging from three to early sixties. As a teacher, Konstantin believes firmly in fostering the student’s natural musical interests, while also doing his best to expand the student’s tastes and horizons. It is important to Konstantin that students make their own discoveries in their studies of music, led by the teacher’s careful and attentive guidance.

Hear Konstantin’s music and his thoughts on what teaching means to him.