All ages and levels welcome! Learn piano at your own pace based on your musical interests and learning style. We offer a variety of music genres such as classical, rock, pop and jazz. Whether your goal is to perform classical repertoire under professional guidance, to learn how to play the keyboards in rock band, or to simply introduce your little one to piano, New West Music can help.


Flexible and comprehensive lessons for children and adults that encompass a variety of musical styles. Lessons are approached from a variety of backgrounds, including Royal Conservatory of Music, Suzuki, I Can Read Music, and a variety of fiddle books and popular tunes.

Rock Band School

Have you always wanted to play your favorite pop and rock songs in a band? Students choose from any of the following instruments: Drums, guitar, bass, keyboards and vocals and practice together under the guidance of experienced performers. Beginner and intermediate groups available for ages 6 and up.

Cello Lessons

Learn the basics of cello with experienced performers and proven methods. Enjoy learning the basics of technique, note reading and posture with fun lessons that will ensure your success.

Voice Lessons

Take your vocal skills to the next level with lessons individually planned to help you unlock your authentic voice. Learn from passionate voice instructors who can help you develop a proper vocal function, expand your range and ultimately master your voice while working on your favorite songs.


Learn your favorite songs and music styles on the guitar such as, blues, rock, jazz and pop. We will help you achieve your music learning goals quickly while providing a good foundation in all important musical areas: music reading and improvisation skills, ear training and technique. Fun and inspiring guitar lessons that get results for beginner to advanced students.


Learn to play your favorite songs on the drums at your own pace with a creative and easy to follow lesson approach for beginners. It covers all important aspects of drumming, including reading music, exercises, rudiments and practice techniques. Different styles, such as pop, rock, jazz and blues.

1-2-3 PLAY

Preschool Piano

1-2-3 PLAY was designed as an alternative to conventional piano lessons. An opportunity for your little one to explore piano music in a fun, easy and intuitive way. This program introduces preschool aged children to the basic melodic patterns found in nursery rhymes. Music is written with basic shapes and colors to facilitate the immediate understanding of music.

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Bass Guitar Lessons


Improve your bass skills with lessons designed to help you succeed in a short amount of time. Explore a variety of music styles such as funk, rock, disco, pop, and jazz, and experience the joy of playing great grooves and famous basslines. Become the backbone of any band under expert guidance with step-by-step tailored lessons.


Learn the fundamentals of music, how to play different instruments and get ready to hit the stage with our Music Discover and Rock School Camps..LEARN MORE

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