Samantha Dowdell

Samantha Dowdell. Voice.

Samantha Dowdell was a musician at heart from the moment she joined middle school choir. With the support of parents and teachers, Samantha continued with choir, and learned many instruments throughout highschool including piano, guitar, and drums. In post secondary, she auditioned for the prestigious choir: Coastal Sound Youth Choir, lead by nationally recognized Carrie Tennant, and performed in 3 of the choir’s award winning innovative shows titled “Indiekor”. 

Samantha works as an active session musician, meaning she is called into to record background parts for other artists. During the day, she teaches math and English to her grade 6/7 students at Fraser River Middle schools, and conducts the school choir there as well. Samantha is an advocate for the arts and is one of the founding members of “theprojectvancity” – an organization built to bring together musicians of all genres, levels, and interests in order to foster community among musicians in Metro Vancouver.

Samantha specializes in pop vocals, and loves helping beginner students ages 10 and up with singing, guitar, piano, drums, or a combination of voice and an instrument, as well as songwriting, music production, and career development. 

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