Preschool Piano Lessons

Preschool Piano

1-2-3 PLAY™

Are Preschoolers Ready For Piano Lessons?

At New West Music we have created 1-2-3 PLAY™ to ensure they are.

Give your little one the chance to join us in this fun musical journey full of color and lovable characters. 1-2-3 PLAY™ lessons are simple, encouraging, and in tune with today’s educational landscape with up to date digital resources. Piano made easy for kids ages 3-5! A class where basic shapes and color help young children succeed at learning piano.

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Getting started with 1-2-3 PLAY lessons is very simple. Click on the button below to book a demo lesson for your little one today.

What Makes 1-2-3 PLAY™ Unique

Carefully Graded Stages

Our “Mini-songs” approach aids in your child’s development through music. From basic melodic patterns to complete songs, it helps your little one increase their eye-tracking abilities and attention span one step at a time.

Reading Music Made Easy

Basic shapes and colors are something all children are familiar with. Our unique way of writing music ensures kids can play from day 1.

Caring Teachers

Kindness, altruism and commitment are some of the values needed to be part of our team of instructors. Your child will always feel encouraged and appreciated.

Beautifully Designed

Our course was crafted with love and care for you to enjoy. Lovable characters and joyful lyrics accompany many years of careful observation and lesson development.

Common Questions

How early can my child start lessons?

We recommend to wait until your child is at least 3 to begin lessons.

How many lessons are needed to know if my child is musically inclined?

It takes a bit of time for kids ages 3-5 to get used to a new environment and new faces. Therefore, we recommend to try more than just one lesson to allow them to warm up and understand the lesson dynamics.

Do I need to have a piano at home?

Practicing at home is important to ensure steady progress. Any keyboard with full size keys would work just fine at the beginning of your child’s journey. It is not necessary to have a real piano or purchase any expensive keyboards.

Do I have to purchase any materials or books?

1-2-3 PLAY lessons come with a free Enhanced eBook and worksheets. Paperback copies of our books are available for purchase optionally.

Can I get a refund for a missed lesson?

We don’t offer refunds for missed lessons but are happy to reschedule them when a 48-hour notice is given.

How long are lessons and how often?

Lessons are held once a week at the same day and time and are 30 minutes long. This seems to be an ideal length of time to keep children interested and engaged.

How many students per class?

We only teach 2 students at a time to make sure they get appropriate support and enough one-on-one time.

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Give your child the opportunity to start piano music lessons early on. They’ll be miles ahead by the time they start elementary school!