Chrisitan Bideau. Piano

Christian Bideau is a piano instructor and music author with 10 years of teaching experience under his belt. From helping students explore music during the early stages of music education to helping them prepare for college and university auditions, Christian has been fortunate to teach hundreds of students over the years.

During his post-secondary music studies, he started his own research on piano pedagogy to be able to empower every student, regardless of age, learning style or musical interests. Careful observation on a case by case basis is the foundation of his work as an instructor today.

His work as an educational author has been guided by the principles of inclusion. Christian has helped numerous children with special learning needs learn piano successfully through his publications. Christian believes in the importance of encouraging creativity in the music-learning process and he aspires everyday to become the kind of teacher he always wanted to have as a young student!


Aquizamín García. Guitar

Master of Music, UBC

During more than 15 years of teaching experience, Aquizamín has developed a music curriculum based on different cultures and music genres. It includes music styles such as, Rock, Jazz, Pop, Classical, Tango and Bossa-Nova to name a few.  As a teacher, Aquizamín considers himself to be organized and is committed to help every student achieve their learning goals, through the development of personalized programs.

In Aquizamin’s own words:

“Playing the guitar has taken me to the most distant and amazing places in the world.  Both, to real physical places and places in my own mind.  This is precisely why I love to play the guitar:  because I can explore a wide variety of music styles from different cultures, times and places.”