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“. . . My Son Grayson has been doing drums for 2 years . . .Ian (his teacher) and Christian have created an environment where he can do his thing and really grow. Drum lessons have taught him things like dedication, they have helped him build his confidence both here in music and with his friends . . . Thank you Christian, this is a great, amazing institution we came to and I recommend it to anyone.”

-Sean Sturm



“Sabine is 6 years old and she’s been taking piano lessons with New West Music for about 2 and a half years . . .  We decided to give piano lessons a try when she was 4. What happened was something we didn’t expect; she felt and learned about musicality, which is something not every music teacher has to offer. This school is very special in that way. Sabine has learned more than just music, she’s learned that if you work hard at something, you get a sense of pride and accomplishment. This gives her great confidence and security in the world. We see this ethic in her school work, her relationships and other passions. We are forever grateful for Sabine’s experience at New West Music School.

-Gabrièle Levac



“. . . After doing some research, we decided to give it (New West Music) a try. We tried out a lesson with Christian, and we loved this place right away. This is a very friendly and happy place where the teachers know how to encourage my children to practice, to play, and most importantly to enjoy the beauty of music.”

-Lan Dao



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